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grandbaby clothes

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I have a new granddaughter coming in April and I have been having lots of fun sewing clothes for her. I have more pictures, I think I will put them in another post.










The next 2 pictures are the same outfit, one is with the jacket and one is without the jacket. I guess I took the 2nd picture with my phone because it is sideways, sorry.



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Your GD is going to be so stylish and cute in these lovely clothes. I am in love with the very first style showing. I made this same set many times over for my girls in 1967 and on. They were so comfy and cool for them, not to mention the ease of sewing together. Mine was a Simplicity pattern back in the day. Wish I still had it to make this outfit for my Grt grands. Very nice jobs on all.

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LOL.. That dress pattern is the same style I used for my daughter when she was little (she is 24)  & I made matching tank style length tops w/ bloomers bottoms...for shorts....so you could where a dress/bloomers or tank/shorts......Great JoB

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