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I have multiple issues of Crochet! Magazine, 3 issues of Family Circle Easy Crochet, and two issues of Simply Creative Crochet available. Also I have a book titled "Crochet Bags" by Candi Jensen. Destashing and not looking to make money from these, just would like the person who wants the item to pay shipping cost. All items are in good condition but were used and may have tears or creases from use.


Crochet! Magazines:

May 2005

July 2005

September 2005

November 2005


January 2006

March 2006

May 2006

July 2006

September 2006

November 2006


January 2007

March 2007

May 2007

July 2007

September 2007

November 2007


January 2008

March 2008

May 2008

July 2008

September 2008


Family Circle Easy Crochet:

Fall/winter 2005 GONE

Fall 2006 GONE

Spring 2007 GONE


Simply Creative Crochet:



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