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Angel hat


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Thinking of all  the hats I made - this is the one I like the most. When I was to Scotland in October, I bought a book by Nicky Epstein "Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch" just because of this pattern. It's called "Li'l Knitting Angel Hat". When I saw it I knew I had to make it. It's not only a hat, it's also a puppet!


But to be honest, it's also the least useful hat…  ;) The knitting and the wings are too delicate for a small girl grabbing her hat to put it on. So - the hat just for special ocasions. But yesterday I started another version - it will be just the girl in a hat, no wings and no needles - to wear everyday.


Oh yes, it's knitted, but I just had to share...


post-30828-0-53274000-1453647393_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-06208700-1453647403_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-68972200-1453647412_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-63553900-1453647435_thumb.jpg

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