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#2 Sam Junior Snowman:) Amigurumi

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Hello again:)


Here is Sammie Jr. the Snowman:)  No, they are not related.  He was adapted that is why he looks very different LOL. He is about 8,5" tall. Sammie went to a nursing home in Arizona. Mother of my friend is there since last summer.  She is about 90 years old. She was very happy when she got Sammie Jr:). At least that was what my friend told me.

That yarn looks almost like a real snow and feels heavenly. The name of that yarn is Polarspun. I made out of that yarn many scarf's even blankets for my granddaughters when they were younger. My daughter use to call that yarn: "Cloud yarn".


Happy New Year & Many Happy Crocheting Days to Everyone!:)


PS: Unfortunately my biggest crochet project for Christmas did not got finished. Because I just could not make up my mind how to finish the base for that. I have 2 different ideas and I like both of them.. That project is finished I just came up with idea that would look better with a base. So, that will need to wait until next Christmas. Because I need more time to make up my mind! LOL




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