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Set of Christmas Pinwheels for Table:)


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Hello everyone:)


I finally got my camera out of my suit case. I took most of my Christmas  crochet work pictures day before I left to WI. I did not had a time to upload them here. I was so busy running late with everything. That morning before I went on expressway I was dropping of Christmas gifts at my friends LOL. 

I do have a few items to post here. I will post one item each day for next few days. I do not want to post all of them today, it would be little too much for that one Holiday & Seasonal section LOL. Anyway maybe that way you will have one more reason to come back here every day:)..I hope you will LOL. I do have a nice pictures for you guy's:). At least I think they are nice, your opinions might be very different! LOL


Here is that set of 6 coasters & one "placement", I crochet my for my daughter. I did not want to make 4 of those placemats, only one. That "placemat" is little smaller than should have been IF that would been intendent use as a placement.But, that was for a Santa plate with cookies to put on that:), or a cake for desert?. It was a nice decoration for a table.
Here is a free pattern:
Happy New Year! :)
post-73590-0-18279900-1452213950_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-30156300-1452213987_thumb.jpg
post-73590-0-33389700-1452214030_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-66530500-1452214058_thumb.jpg
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