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My brother gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and since I no longer have a bed in my extra bedroom (gave to my dad to put downstairs while he is bedridden), I decided to turn the extra room into a craft / doll room. I had yarn in baskets and plastic drawer bins and it was a mess to find anything. I've been trying to destash by making scarves for homeless in the area but wanted somewhere to put the yarn so I could see what I had. 


I came across these 'portable closets' and found a shoe closet. It's 10 shelves high and has a dust cover that you can zipper close. It came today and I love it. I put all the full-esh skeins in it and did it by yarn type (rhss, css, cotton, ilty, sashay, etc). Not the best pic but I think this will really work and it was only $30. On the other hand,  still have about 4 baskets of scrap skeins to make more scarves with... and I thought I was making headway. lol 




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Thank you all. They do make some that is half as wide or some that are half as tall if you are tight on space. ;) 

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I love your yarn closet! It's a great idea! Now, since you can see all the whole skeins at once, you'll have to keep it filled up. For looks of course.

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I finally got mine last week and filled it up yesterday.  I still have some yarn that won't fit but I can now see pretty much what all I have so I can start using it.  LOL

It defiantly looks so much neater, seems to take up less space since it goes up instead of out.

Thank you so much for the idea. :)

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