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Barbie's bedroom


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Hello, my name is Ana. I am Spanish but my husband is traducing this for me.

I would like to say hi to everyone around and would like to make friends with other people that like doing crochet.

I am looking for

Barbie's bedroom(file attached).

I don´t now how to start. Does anyone have instrucctions to this . THANK YOU.


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Hello from Mississippi!


That looks like Annie's Attic Sweetheart Bedroom Volume III, which is out of print.




I don't know if you have access to ebay, but there are some of the booklets listed there.


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Welcome to Crochetville!


The pattern picture is from ...

Sweetheart Bedroom Volume III
by Annie's Attic 1992
It seems expensive to me.  Hopefully someone else can find a cheaper copy.
Also, please remove your email address.  Trolls and programs search the internet forums for people who post their email.  They then use it to send spam and sell it to others.  It's never a good idea to post it in public, unless it's a business email address.
:waving @ greyhoundgrandma!  You type faster than I do!  LOL
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 It is Annie's Attic Sweetheart Bedroom, an out of print booklet.  In fact, that photo is my actual finished set, which I made for an online auction to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My ravelry ID is icrochet247.  You can sometimes find these booklets for sale on ebay, but seeing as they are out of print, they are very expensive.


Contact Annie's Attic and ask them if they would consider reprinting the booklets.  If enough people showed an interest in them, they might.  I have seen them issue reprints of other patterns.

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