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2016 Stashbusting CAL

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Totals for November 13, 2016!


Gold Medal Winner - TIE!  Ellie 13 and MalisaMeesa at + 12

Silver Medal Winner - pineknott at +10

Bronze Medal Winner - Addicted2patterns at +4


Using up that stash!



Holding steady!

greyhoundgrandma  0

yarnscrapper  0


Oops, I did it again!

howieann  -16


And, last but not least, SHOOT THE MOON!!!


Inkked0317 at -29


Thanks all!!!

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Couldn't crochet much this week, so I will probably not have any pluses, and just bought 3 skeins of Julia... Funny story.   The hunt for Julia   I was making a loom knit baby blanket with this aw

OK greyhoundgrandma! Here's my mermaid tails...the green/cream is the medium size and the pink/purple is the small size

After shooting the moon I'm starting the week off right.  Finished a ball +1

Posted Images

I'm glad to see I was right about getting the Shoot the Moon award this week lol


greyhoundgrandma, I'm using the pattern here https://yarnutopia.com/?s=mermaid+tail for the mermaid tail blankets I'm making. So far I've made one small and one medium, as well as starting a second medium....all in the past 3-4 days. Granted, I crochet A LOT throughout the day, but this does work up really quickly! This pattern uses WW yarn instead of bulky weight or super bulky. I'm doing 2 different colors per blanket, changing colors every row. Lots of tails to weave in, but I'm weaving as I go so it's not too bad at the end. 


I've just wrapped up my eldest daughter's family birthday party. I'm going to sit and relax and get some yarn used up for next week's score!!!

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All 3 sizes are the same width. The difference is in the length of blanket before it gets joined into rounds. There's 10 more rows before it goes to rounds in the medium than the small. It says the small works for anyone under 5 feet tall I think...if you think it may be too long, maybe just do 40 rows of blanket before joining into rounds instead of 50 rows?


I'm making a total of 7 lol. I'll take a picture of the two I've done this past week and post it tomorrow. I'm taking a break from them to make a prayer shawl for my neighbor. We just found out last night that her husband passed from a heart attack on Halloween and I'm making her a portable hug. I know when I lost my first husband, the comfortghan the folks here made and sent to me brought me so much peace...I want to be able to do the same thing for her...but I will post a picture of the 2 mermaid blankets tomorrow for sure!

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Hi all!  I'm doing scores this week...5 of the 6 of us are sick right now, so we'll be staying home from church. I'll most likely get to the scores around 10 AM.


This week I made a prayer shawl for my neighbor and two full mermaid blankets, as well as starting another one...so all told, I'm on #5 out of the 7 I'm making. I really like this pattern but I'll be very happy to work on a different pattern after this  :lol I used a total of 15 skeins (+30) and 6 balls (+6) so I'm back in the positives for my week and year to date numbers (insert happy dance here)


WTD : +36

YTD : +15


This next week I'm hoping to finish these mermaid tail blankets, although with Thanksgiving on Thursday, I'm not 100% sure that will happen. Once I finish these tails, I'm going to take the extra yarn from my purchase last week and return them, and then get the yarn for some baby gifts for new babies who are expected in March...hopefully the two batches of yarn will cancel each other out  :D

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This week's scores....

Gold...Inkked0317 +36

Silver...MalisaMeesa +16

Bronze...jessicali +12


Holding steady is greyhoundgrandma, PBLKNP, pineknott and ShanaEirin with 0


No one went negative this week!!! Yay us!!! :yay 

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Got two more bulky skiens under my belt so far this week. I have monday through wednesday to get crocheting done and then work the rest of the week. Theres a good chance i will have high numbers this week as im working exclusively with bulky or double and triple stranded yarn to make super warm hats and cowls for presents :)

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