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2016 Stashbusting CAL

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Daughter has learned how to crochet about 3 months ago. She loves it so far. I gave her 54 skeins +108 I made 4 baskets in the couple days with t-shirt yarn +8 I used up a skein on temperature blanket +2 and rolled a ball +1 . I used up a whole bunch of my odds and end cotton balls to make hot pads +19 Total Score WTD +138

I'm hoping to finish a few more skeins on these blocks for charity.

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Couldn't crochet much this week, so I will probably not have any pluses, and just bought 3 skeins of Julia... Funny story.   The hunt for Julia   I was making a loom knit baby blanket with this aw

OK greyhoundgrandma! Here's my mermaid tails...the green/cream is the medium size and the pink/purple is the small size

After shooting the moon I'm starting the week off right.  Finished a ball +1

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Great!  I've already pulled all the similar yarn that I don't have enough to make a project with to make a scrap afghan! Also going on a kitchen stuff making kick!

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Well, a wild time was had by all at the Tolland Sheep, Wool & Fiber Festival today...yours truly found yarn for a scarf and some sock yarn.  So...


Stashbuster Total: WTD -10 YTD -22


:shrug   :devil

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Found out Mikey is coming back to the Caron factory a couple towns over next week and collecting squares for Warm Up America, so I've been working on making as many as I can to get the free tshirt yarn when I go!  Made 11 squares between yesterday and today, using up 5 balls so .... WTD +5, YTD +5!  Off to change my signature now!

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Wow.  It's been over a month since I posted.  :eek


I didn't even realize it had been that long... Anyhoozle...


A few weeks ago, I found a couple skeins at the Salvation Army Store.  They looked lonely, and even though I didn't have anything in mind for them, I went ahead a bought them and brought them home with me.  Then, a friend of mine was over for some anti-anxiety conversation, and fell in love with those two little skeins, so I told her to take them home with her.  Apparently, the reason I bought them was so she could have them - and I knew the reason would be a great one!  :manyheart


There hasn't been any other yarn acquired or used since I last posted... so - my score for the month of April is...




YTD +12



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WTD -4  /  YTD -85

Just thought I was through for the week. I got by Joann's and used my 20% off birthday coupon and a couple of others, too. Got some misc stuff and three skeins for making baskets...-6. So my updated totals are.....


WTD -10  /  YTD -91

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Scores for the week ending 5/1/16:

Gold Medal Winner: owlvamp +140

Silver Medal Winner: Ihasaapsolady +16

Bronze Medal Winner: ShanaEirin +6


Inkked0317 +5

MalisaMeesa +4

SamT87 +2

Ellie13 +1


yarnscrapper 0

Pineknott 0

crabby rat 0


Howieann -6

Shoot the Moon Winners - tie: Greyhoundgrandma & PBLKNP -10


I am a bit early, so if I need to change anything, let me know!

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