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2016 Stashbusting CAL

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Gee,how did I resist yarn buying this week,Our Michaels store relocated,and had Loops and thread yarn at 1.29 only Wed.and Thurs.

well Wednesday I was homebound with sil,while daughter had a procedure on her leg. Thursday,I thought about it,and thought at that price would there be any colors that I really wanted,probably not,so I resisted going up there.

I have 12 nest complete and # 13 is a 1/3 of the way done.


wtd + 38 ytd + 77

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Couldn't crochet much this week, so I will probably not have any pluses, and just bought 3 skeins of Julia... Funny story.   The hunt for Julia   I was making a loom knit baby blanket with this aw

OK greyhoundgrandma! Here's my mermaid tails...the green/cream is the medium size and the pink/purple is the small size

After shooting the moon I'm starting the week off right.  Finished a ball +1

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I managed to use up a skein on the baby blanket I'm making for a friend (her first grandchild is arriving this summer!), so:


Stashbuster Total: WTD +2 YTD -14



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well I used up a skein today although I will have to buy more tomorrow since I am not finished with my project. didn't post last week as I had nothing to post. I did finish my autumn spice throw that I will soon get a picture of in a few days.


WTD: +2 YTD: +13 for week of 2/27/16.

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Scores for the Week


Gold Medal Winner:  Pineknott +38


Silver Medal Winner Ellie 13 +12


Bronze Medal Winner owlvamp +10


Using Up Yarn:


Greyhoundgrandma +4


Yarnscrapper +3


Crabbyrat +3




jessicacali +2


Addicted2Patterns +2


Standing even:







Enjoying New Yarn:


Howieann -6



Shooting to the Moon with a pile of new Yarn once again:


Bailey4 -18

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February's YTD Scores


Gold Medal Winner:  Pineknott +77


Silver Medal Winner:  Yarnscrapper +74


Bronze Medal Winner:  ShanaEirin +40



Using Up Yarn:


Ellie13 +37


HollyzHobbyz +35


Owlvamp +33


Addicted2Patterns +13


Jessicali +11


crabbyrat +4



Acquiring new treasures:




Bailey4 -21


greyhoundgrandma -36




Shooting the moon this month:  Howieann -59

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I didn't get in in time this morning and forgot to post before we went out last night... I can add it to next week if want. My scores definitely won't change any medal winners! We got a bunch of yarn cleaned out yesterday but it's all still sitting upstairs so I'm not counting it until it's out the door!


WTD +4 YTD -52

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My scores HAVE to start improving soon. We had our nephew here this weekend (He's 18 but paired with my kids, it's like having 4 young ones around lol) he wanted to come visit from college 2.5 hours away, so I didn't even crochet at all this weekend. I'm GOING to finish the unicorn this week, which should help my scores a bit because I'll use small balls (I think if I have enough) for the mane. Gonna start a new afghan too! But I know I'll have to go grab at least ONE skein to finish that because it calls for 4 skeins + some for the border, and I got 3 of them on clearance at HL a few weeks ago, but need one more coordinating color to go with (cream, brown & green). I will be doing the Eat Play Sleep Repeat 'ghan,

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LADIES!!!! I feel like I've been gone for years!!  I got a new job starting 2/19/16, a factory job and they let me sit down because of my ankles!!! I work twelve hour shift Fri-Sun, BUUUUT I've saved up enough money that I'm going to be getting INTERNET!!!

In the mean time I've bought 10 new skeins of yarn and gotten four balls from my Aunt for a project!

so last weeks score for me would be


WTD -24 YTD -4

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Okay I'm adding my +4 from last week to this week and so far I've been cleaning out the craft room... I found a LOT of yarn sealed in tubs that just reeked of smoke when my ex and I smoked in the house almost 10 years ago and it was horrible! I don't smoke at all anymore so it was really noticeable... All of that yarn went straight to the garbage.  :cry  I should have said some words over the can, but I just couldn't save it. 18 skeins and 16 balls right to the garbage. Sigh. So +56 for the week so far (including that 4 from last week) and all of a sudden I'm at 0 again for the YTD. I still have more to go to Goodwill and that will happen later in the week.  :yes

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OMG no you didn't throw it away! You could of put it out in the yard on a table and just left it for the air to get to it and the smell would of left. My sister hubby smokes all the time and she sent me a box of yarn and it reeked of smoke. All's I did was take it from the box and left it out to breathe . Now I didn't work with the yarn for over a month and the smell was gone.I'm crying with you.

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I used up the first skein on another baby blanket...+2  = +3

The second skein has been used up in this blanket...+2   = +5


I'm scheduled for a crocheting afternoon with a friend, so I hope to finish the blanket and work on another afghan. I think I'm close to finishing 2 skeins on it.

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