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Basic stitches for amigurumi round fruit, dolls or spheres

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Hi! I made this pattern for everyone needing to do round or rounded shapes for different projects. The pattern can be any size you want, I show you how to make it bigger or smaller.


The pattern goes as follows, but it is easier to see at my blog. Click here to go to the written pattern (scroll down) its in both danish and english. You can also get it in video form if you click here. In the video I show you how to make to variations; half a lemon and a whole pear. There are also siggestions for how to do a slice of apple and a slice of lemon



ch 2

5 sc in the 1. st, j

ch 1, (0 sc, increase), j

ch 1, (1 sc, increase), j

ch 1, (2 sc, increase), j

increase the number for the size you want
1 sc in each st all the way around 
untill it is the height you want
do the bottom in reverse, decreasing until you have 5 sts
sow to close
experiment with increasing or decreasing faster og slower. Slower will make the shape more pointed, and quicker will make it more rounded. 


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