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Christmas Gifts


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A tree hanger for a 90 year old who might not feel up to putting up a tree this year

A tree hanger for a 70 year old for the same reason

A pie carrier for a newly engaged lady

A flock of flakes for coworkers The snowmen are made of socks w/crocheted scarves and pom-pom hat toppers.






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Great idea for the hanging trees. So thoughtful too.

And I love the Flock of Flakes. Sooooo cute. Your newlywed friend will appreciate the pie carrier. They do come in handy. Nice job on everything. And thank you for sharing the pics. I so enjoy seeing what everyone is up to with the hooks.

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Super cute Christmas items! I love the Christmas tree idea for someone who might not want or be able to put up a regular Christmas tree. It's just such a nice decoration and easy for an elderly person to still enjoy. Do you have a link to a pattern that you could share for the Christmas tree?

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