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Hello from Upstate New York


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Hi everyone, my name is Mandy and my member name anamandy.  I would say I'm an intermediate crocheter who loves to crochet hats, particularly slouchies, which my family loves (particularly, my nephews), and scarfs (all kinds and infinities), and vests (I just finished a hippy vest for my niece).  I keep telling myself I have to take photos of my work to make a portfolio to remind myself of all the things I've made, and share with other people who crochet, but I somehow never got around to doing that.  I plan on making baby things in the future and came across a book at the library where I can make baby booties that look like the Converse sneakers we wore as kids.  So cute.  I also want to make myself a lacy button down sweater.  I saw quite a few nice patterns for those on the web.  The problem is there are so many things I want to make and so little time.  I also love to sew and am in the process of making a shower curtain for a bathtub that has a strange shower curtain rod hook-up.  I would need to buy 2 shower curtains in order for it to fit this rod and found it easier and cheaper to just make my own, with pin tucking and embroidery thrown in for good measure. LOL  I also do quite a lot of knitting and am working on socks my sister has been pestering me to make her since last year. There is nothing warmer than a pair of homemade wool socks!  Anyway, as you probably guessed, I'm really into the creative arts. I'm happy to be here and hope that I'll make a lot of new friends to share info with in the future (especially when I get stumped on a pattern - YouTube has been a great help to date) . 

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