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Close: Small Wall Clock (crocheted amigurumi)


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Hi everyone! Please find the required information:

Pattern Description: Crocheted amigurumi

Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.):written and symbol chart as well
Pattern Photo (optional):


Skill Level: Beginner

Yarn/Material/Tools Required (specify which will supplied by designer and which by tester)supplied by tester, cotton crochet thread #8 and crochet hook 1.0mm

Tester Information

Number of Testers Needed:3
Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: approximately 3 hours
Deadline: November 30
Tester Experience (do you want testers to have prior experience, submit references, etc.):I need check also the symbol chart.I'm looking for testers who have experience in reading such charts.
Tester Responsibilities (what exactly do you want testers to do and what information do you want them to supply to you): I'm asking for comments and suggestions on how to improve the pattern and get photos of the completed amigurumi. I'm asking to check the symbol chart and the word description as well.Also, very importantplease check my English and typos, errors, etc in the pattern.

Any Special Software Requirements (Microsoft Word, pdf reader, etc.)pdf reader


Please specify what compensation you are offering to pattern testers (none, free copy of final pattern, monetary fee, etc.).Testers will receive the corrected copy of the pattern

Thank you in advance,


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