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"My Halloween Scene" - 2015


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Hello everyone:)


Here I am again with more Halloween pictures.. :).

 I put together few crochet items and I call that: "My Halloween Scene - 2015". As you can see those are crochet Amigurumi. After I crochet them I bought a piece of wood (it is actually a slice of a tree trunk with bark around). I finished the top by Decoupage paper leaves on top. I was going to paint some leaves but I decided to Decoupage ready leaves.Than I glued all those items to that wood.


I crochet a Kitty Witch, stock of pumpkins, ghost & 3 spiders to go with that Scene. Only  ONE spider is connected to that base. The other two spiders I like them on a sides of that Scene base (they are loose). Last picture here  is of that finished  base before I attached (glued) all that stuff to that.

Some of you seen those 3 spiders already in my post here yesterday: "Halloween Candy Containers & Spiders". Those are 3 spiders with flower design on their backs:).


Here is a link to a pattern for that "Kitty Witch". That is not a "Hello Kitty", just a Kitty LOL.  Hello Kitty got a little different head & body shape & proportions. I do not have patterns for the rest of that "stuff" here.


I will post my little "Pumpkin Bear" tomorrow:)


Happy Halloween! :)


PS: I am planning something bigger for next year. I already got a bigger piece of wood (base) for that project! LOL.



post-73590-0-50642600-1446176934_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-68274100-1446176965_thumb.jpg

post-73590-0-35661200-1446177017_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-47112600-1446177054_thumb.jpg

post-73590-0-29307800-1446177084_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-90427300-1446177181_thumb.jpg



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That is so cool.  I love the base with the leaves.  You did a great job on the witch, ghost, pumpkins and spiders.  This could be the center of the Halloween table.  Great job.

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The scene is great. The leaves look really real :) Everything is perfect!

Thank you Anna:)


That is funy that you mention those leaves. Because I did not had any paper leaves to work with on that project. I had silk leaves but that would not worked. First of all they were to big and not flat. So as always  Goggle came to rescue. I found small leaves, print that out & cut them out, one by one..LOL. That Google is just great!. I am just wondering now..what we would ever do with out that??. I guess our life's would not be the same :(.


Happy Halloween:)


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