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Last Cuddles Project Tiny Teddies for Babies Born Sleeping

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I am looking for Aussie crocheters or knitters who would be prepared to make some tiny teddies for babies born sleeping (still born) from 24 weeks onwards.

I answered a request on Facebook for someone to crochet tiny teddies for Last Cuddles Project.

They are used by photographers who donate their time 24/7 to take photos of still born babies cuddling a tiny teddy. I have never seen a photo of my teddies but I am told they are so grateful for them and appreciated by the parents at such a difficult time.

I have two crochet patterns for the teddies and a knitted link to one.

So if you can help I know they would be greatly appreciated. The little bears can go to different hospitals in Australia but must go via me first and I will contact Emma at Last Cuddles to see where they are needed and then can be sent off otherwise they can be sent to me and I will follow up for you.

See pictures of some I have done.

Contact me if you would like a pattern and support this great cause.


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