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Filet in the round

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I have tried many times to do filet crochet but have always pulled them out because what I had completed was more wide than tall!!  When I found the pattern for the doily in picture 1 it was called filet in the round, the doily came out so nice I began a search for more of the same type of pattern. Hass designs had many and when they offer patterns at sale prices I bought several. I completed doilys # 2 - 3 - 4 -  and 5. Then I wanted to make a long thin doily for my sister with Tulips so I designed the last doily and completed it, I have now actually done a 'true' filet doily  lol







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Beautiful work!  I have the same problem with filet (meshes wider than tall); a solution is using EDC but I dislike using that stitch.  I end up just blocking it more fiercely in 1 direction than the other, and/or choosing which direction I want it to 'skew'.

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