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Granny Square

Increase & Decrease Calculator

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I just ran across this on another site and thought it was pretty nifty. The calculator does the math for you when a pattern says "increase (or decrease) x stitches evenly over y stitches".  This is easy to figure out on your own when the division comes out evenly, but can be head-scratching when it doesn't.


 It is written for knitting but works for crochet with a little translation:  


For increasing, follow the KFB instruction (knit front & back), which is closest to the way one typically increases in crochet (not the front and back part, but making 2 stitches into one).  


The decreasing works the same in knit and crochet, working 2 stitches together.


I've linked to the main page which explains things, but you have to click on a link on the page to get the calculator.  Right under where it says 'examples of usage', click on the knitulator image.



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