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My work so far

Sue Edwards-Catt

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1). The clock is Ripe Wheat and it's from a 1950's pattern book. I had to find a pattern that had 12 sections so it would be easier for me! I started this project with just the mechanism and hands for a clock. Took me about a month. I think it was a 1.5mm hook. The tread was #20.


2). Snowflake in pale pink. Framed it for a Christmas present. Size 2 hook and some cotton I had left over.


3). I cannot remember the named of this one. But it's actually a doily with a small flower in the centre.


I hope you like this snippet of my work!




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Eddycat the "wheat" doily is from Alice Brooks booklet #7151, as "doily No. 3". I remembered it because it is one Ive set aside in my documents folder as a "to-do" for later :) It is in the public domain. I am partial to wheat and similar type designs, they seem so pastoral and "American" to me. I am attaching the pdf from Antique Pattern Library, hopefully the file comes through ok! Like I said, it is in the public domain.


I would like to collect old pamphlets and booklets of patterns, I used to see them everywhere in second hand stores and things, but now that Ive taken up the hobby I almost never find them. The best places I have found them for sale are in hospice charity shops, or charity thrift stores that are set up to benefit the elderly, as they are the ones most likely to have them (for obvious reasons) there is a Hospice Thrift shop near me that almost always has vintage patterns, discontinued yarns, crochet thread and vintage crafts for very very cheap prices. I am in Arizona and there is a large retired population here, and it seems all of the older women knitted and crocheted. I get sad when I visit the shops and see all of their things, probably from an estate, and think oh no, another lady who made beautiful things is gone on, will anyone take her place? I know it sounds weird.


I really enjoy seeing the old patterns. Thank you for sharing these are wonderful to see, made by someone recently and not a blurry black and white photo from 70 years ago


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