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Wrap, Shrug & Scarf (pic heavy)

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I've posted on here quite a few shawls/wraps from Tammy Hildebrand's "Crochet Wraps Every Which Way" book.  There are 18 wraps and I'm working on my 12th one from the book.  It will be my last one, because I'm running out of time and other projects are waiting for me.  I'm making them to give away at my mom's 80th birthday / family reunion in a couple of weeks.


Here are 2 from the broomstick section and 1 from the tunisian section.  It's been so fun learning all the techniques in the book, that I'm kinda sad it's coming to an end.  In my last post will be a tunisian pic and links to all of the posts, in case anyone is interested in all the different techniques.  Sorry that this post is so pic laden!


Broomstick Beach Wrap (too big to capture the entire wrap)

post-57407-0-14108500-1440857664_thumb.jpg  post-57407-0-52826600-1440857701_thumb.jpg


Broomstick Shrug (front & back)

post-57407-0-12574800-1440857733_thumb.jpg  post-57407-0-77782400-1440857764_thumb.jpg


Tunisian Scarf

post-57407-0-82278000-1440857799_thumb.jpg  post-57407-0-41867200-1440857836_thumb.jpg


Thank you for all of your support during my new technique journey!


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They are all great but I have to say..... I adore that blue scarf! Nice job.

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