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$5 off online crochet seams class

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I'm not sure if this counts as a sale or a coupon. My class, Seaming Crochet, just launched online on Craftsy. You can use this link for $5 off the class price.


EDIT TO CLARIFY: $5 off the normal full price. If the class is on sale for more than that, you'll get the sale price instead.

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do you know if the coupon is supposed to work when the class is already on sale?  I followed the link and put the class in my cart but the price remained 19.95, the current sale price.  


looks like you have some interestig content.  I've found very little detailed info on crochet seaming so I think you are covering new ground.

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Thank you for the reply :-)

They do have a lot of sales over there, so I've gotten kind of used to thinking of the sale prices as the regular price.  Interweave does the same thing, every few days a new sale.  


Is your class new?  I don't remember seeing it on the Craftsy site before but maybe that is just my bad memory.  I will keep an eye on it, I think they have a wishlist or something so i will add it to that.  

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