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Cute baby amigurumi

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Hi Deb, 


Thanks for your comment. 


I understand your problem and I think it occurs especially when the pattern says you have to close the opening of the head and the body entirely. When you have to sew them together, you then have two round shapes that will not match easily and the head will possibly flop over.  


All my patterns are made differently. You don't have to close the opening entirely. You have to fasten off when you still have 12 or 18 sts in a round. (and you don't have to close that round) Then you sew the 12 or 18 stitches off the last round off the head and body together. 


You pull the thread through one st of the body and one st of the head, then again one st of the body, one st of the head and so on until all stitches are sewn together.  The base of the head and body is larger and flatter and therefor the head should stay in place more easily. Just before you entirely close the opening, you can add a bit more stuffing to make the neck a bit firmer if needed. I had my pattern tested and none of the heads that I saw on the pictures flopped over.


So if you have the problem with other patterns, I suggest you fasten off when you still have a small opening. It's easier to sew two small openings together than to sew two round balls together.


I hope my explanation is clear... Good luck ;)



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