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*** I found enough testers for the amigurumi baby, but I would like to add a few more people to my test group for future patterns. If you're interested you can join my FB group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/461420530700587/ ***







I'm currently looking for testers for my amigurumi baby pattern.

The pattern is already tested in Dutch, but it's now translated into English and since I'm not a native speaker, I would like to find some English speaking pattern testers.


You need some yarn, some soft stuffing and safety eyes (can be replaced by embroidery thread) (see picture). It' s not a big doll so I make it in less than a day. If you're less experienced it might take a bit longer, which is OK. 


It's a written pattern with a lot of photos.

skill level: beginner to intermediate

yarn used: coton yarn calling for a 2,5/3mm hook. (US C/2, UK11 or 12) . You can use other yarn as well.


I welcome all testers who want to try the pattern, and check the gramar of the pattern as well. I would also like to receive a photo of your finished item.


For this pattern I would like to have 3 testers, but I will be needing some more in the future. Everyone who has a serious interest can ask to join my FB group for testers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/461420530700587/


As a compensation you get the final version of the pattern with all the amendments, my eternal gratitude and discounts on future patterns.


Thank you

Tinneke "Peggy Sew"

Edited by Peggy Sew

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oh peggy sue that is adorable. sent you a pm

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