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Finishing a blanket

Gillian Bailey


I'm finishing a blanket that started with 2 rows of single crochet in hot pink and then went to gray in double crochet. I want to finish the blanket in another 2 rows of hot pink single crochet.
My problem is how to make the end 2 rows look like the beginning?? When you crochet final 2 rows in single crochet it doesn't look like the first 2 rows??
Any ideas?



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welcome to the ville!


the photo on the left shows a stripe of pink with gray above and below, so that is not an edge, is it?  


photo on right looks like your beginning edge, is that correct?

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Interesting question. The reason they don't look closer to being the same is that you didn't just 'go to grey in double crochet', you went to grey shells, which skipped every so many pink sc stitches.


Actually, the beginning pink stitches sort of look like shells, don't they? (because not all of the tops of the stitches were worked into by the grey shells)  Maybe try a last row of pink shells.  You might also consider going back to the beginning and make pink shells  going in the opposite direction, too.


Also, in general - for a shell blanket, one edge will be straight and the other end will be scalloped, so if you want them to look the same you need to plan ahead to account for that.

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