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2 Strand Afghan


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I completed this 2-Strand Painted Afghan not too many days ago and finally got around to blocking it. It worked up fairly quickly but, I'm not thrilled with the way it turned out mostly because it's so heavy.  I do have someone in mind to gift it to that likes these colors. I am glad to use up a little bit of yarn. It didn't make much of a dent but, I'm on my way to use it up. 2 strands held together and a L/ hook, using double crochet throughout.

Color Sequence:

2 Off white,

1 off white + 1 light green,

2 light green,

1 light green + 1 Turqua,

2 Turqua,

1 Turqua + 1 real teal,

2 real teal

Then repeated the opposite side.


ETA: I just may go back and add some character to the border.

Finally a pic of the added border.




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Very pretty!  I made one years and years ago that lays on the back of my sofa.  It's been washed hundreds of times and it is just now starting to look a little worn.  Was thinking I need to make another one to replace it pretty soon.  The 2 stranded ones do seem to last a very long time!  Love your colors Reni!

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Sooo beautiful!!!  :manyheart


I LOVE the 2 strand afghans and have made numerous ones using black as the "dominant" color, along with another color.  Some call it the "ugly blanket," but everyone who has received one from me has found that they are very warm, and can stand years of use.  I keep one in each vehicle we have, and many times use it for a cover up as we travel, or during my lunch breaks, when I like to read.  


A good way to use up your stash also!!


And to use 2 colors for the sports teams.  A good afghan for either sex.


I love your colors!!

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Thank you everyone!

I did add 1 round to the border and if I can ever get a decent photo I will post it and a link to the tute.

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I finally added a pic in post #1 of the border I added onto this afghan. I'm glad I did too as it makes the whole afghan worth making.

Thank you again for taking the time to view and make comments.

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Its gorgeous. I was wondering about whether I should do a 2 strand blanket myself because the baby sport yarn is really thin.  I love heavy weighted blankets. I think I'm going to try it out :D

Thank you!

I'm sure whatever yarn you decide to use will turn out great. I have used two strands of baby yarn before and it was not much thicker than with the single strand of the same. Try a swatch and see what you prefer. Maybe three strands of baby yarn would be the way to go. You would also have more choices on color changes in the ombre as it is called.

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