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Rose Trellis Afghan

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This afghan will be a Christmas gift for my mother. The pattern is Rose Trellis Afghan from Caron. I used Vanna's Choice yarn. The afghan is 55" x 65".


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I love your afghan! Pink is so striking to me sometimes and I've come to appreciate the color again. I'm glad to see the pattern has revived on here and you did a beautiful job on it.

I made this same afghan for my MIL many years ago and she kept it on the back of her sofa for as long as she owned it. When my MIL passed away, my youngest daughter asked for it and I haven't seen it since. I'll have to ask her about that.

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Just beautiful! :)


My goodness, that must took you a long time to make..

I wish I could do that. But I know I would not have enough patients even to make all those flowers. Every couple or few days I just need to move on to something else..And I never repeat anything what I already done. I just have that "need" to move-on.. to make something different. I don't know why is that?. Maybe I just like new "challenges" ? LOL. I will crochet two or three of the same but I need to do that at the same time.



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