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Today I will teach you how to create a colorful butterfly. You can create it in different colors. I always try to add some pictures to make it easy and comprehensive, so even the beginners can get all the details. You can use it in children’s bags, hair bands and in decoration pieces.


for more information:




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I love this butterfly! This is one I am going to make!

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That butterfly is beautiful :).

Thanks for that pattern:).


I am looking for a nice butterfly's pattern for my future project (Christmas gifts). This one is an applique, I will need 3 D. It will be easy to make little changes to get what I need. I would just need to change that middle part of his body & head so wouldn't be flat:).

 I am planning to buy couple/few small decorative white wire cages. I want to crochet 2 or 3 little colorful birds for each cage and I thought a nice butterfly would be nice to add on the outer side to that cage. Adding a big red bow on top of that would make a nice Christmas gifts. The good part about that is: they will use that all year around as a decoration.

I just need to find  nice little cages:).



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About a year ago or so, I sew on Ebay for sale a Chicken Potholder. That chicken had a big flower on her. For a long time I just could not got that chicken out of my mind!, obviously I still don't LOL. I just did not had a time to crochet that chicken, but I will.. I think I will be able to use your pattern for that flower with some miner changes. THANKS again:).


I even saved the picture of that Chicken Potholder. I would like to post that picture of that potholder here, so you guys would have some idea what that chicken looks like LOL.

I will post that here, because I thing that potholder is funny & nice.

I hope by posting that picture I will not be doing anything again's any rule's in here- Crochetville. I would not want to do that:(.


There was no pattern for sale for that chicken, I would bought that. I do know how to make that without any pattern. But with a good written pattern it always goes faster:).



PS:That potholder was sold on Ebay and I am in LOVE with that LOL.  That can be used for decoration only.



THAT IS NOT MY WORK!.  I DID NOT crochet that.



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