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Greetings From Western New York

Marie Drewitt

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My name is Marie. I live in New York State not too far from Niagara Falls.  Here is a bit about me:


 In January 2013 I decided to look  at New Year's as a  way to discover myself. I decided that I really wanted to find out what interested me and what I was good at. I always considered myself not creative. So my discover began  :cheer 

So the first thing I did was I signed up for a Wilton Method Course 1: Decorating Basics. It was held in February 2013. I LOVED it! I looked as forward to the last class as I did the first. It was so much fun baking and decorating.

The next thing I did was sign up for a basic sewing class this took place in March 2013.  See in 2012 My Love bought me a sewing machine and I was feeling guilt from not using it. I took the course and have been sewing ever since. Since then I have made stethoscope covers, pillow cases, curtains, chair covering and Toddler Pillows.

In June 2013 My Love bought me a digital camera. I LOVE it! My favorite pictures are of nature. I am obsessed with clouds and textures.

July 2013 In July I woke up  one day and decided I need to start a blog. Why? Something new I guess. Actually when I was younger I wrote poetry and wanted to be a reporter. I also considered writing a book when I was a teenager but there ere was no one to support me in this endeavor so I did as I was told and went into other things. I still want to write in some way. So a Blog seemed like a good idea. 

 continued to discover myself through the next 9 months. Still searching for something. In April 2014 I discovered  crocheting. I purchased a book, explored you tube and joined a local knitting and crocheting group. Within a short period of time I fell in love :manyheart It is now my passion. I am completely and totally obsessed!!! I am always up for challenging myself and there is always room for more friends in my life. 

I came upon this site by chance as I was searching for somewhere other than Facebook and Ravelry to connect with other crocheters 

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Hi :hi and Welcome :welcome    to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

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