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knitted cloth on


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I made these two knitted doilies quite some time ago. Nowerdays I prefer to crochet even with a very thin (size 80) thread.

At the moment I am busy crocheting a table center with motifs in size 80 thread.

May be I will not finish it before I go on holiday to Egypt next Saturday. I decided not to work on this table center while I am there with some friends.



attachicon.gifk 065.JPGattachicon.gifk 079.JPG


I like to knit doily

 this my  big project, spent  2 week http://www.craftsy.com/project/view/cloth-lace-on-table/252067

Now I stady pattern  square a cloth from the German magazine, sorry I don't know German.



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Thanks  everyone
Doily  from the center. The beginning  work very difficult, I don't like to knit 4 - 5 needles but when I saw as to knit couple circular needles
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=RybPvCNfrT8
I liked to knit a doily from  center. I am make some Rd of 4 needles, then I continue to knit on 2 circular.
My full  album  here Http://www .tatmart.photoshare.ru 
it is not so difficult.

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