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Quick 'N Easy Crocheting

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I really hope someone can help me out as I've searched all over the internet and can't find anything. I found this publication at a second-hand book store, it is a binder full of cards with crochet patterns and came out in 1985 published by Marshall-Cavendish. From the little information I've found, the cards were obtained through a subscription service and the binder was purchased separately to store them in. There are dividers for different subjects of patterns, and each one has a deck of cards with deck numbers on the back of each card. I can tell there are some missing in mine because there are gaps in the numbers, but I have no idea what number the decks went up to, or how many dividers/subjects there are actually supposed to be (I have 18 in mine). I've seen mention of the full set being big enough to fill 2 or 3 binders, but I have never found any definitive information on the set's complete contents. If anybody is familar with this publication I would really appreciate any information you could share, as I would like to try to figure out what Im missing and hopefully find what I need in thrift shops, yard sales, or ebay. It really is a nice set, if a little outdated. Thanks so much!


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