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Russian crochet pattern help

Eden Lindsay-Bodie

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for rnd 3 you will v-st in ch 4, dc in same sp, then v-st between the next 2 v-sts

then v-st in the next 2 v-sts

then a v-st between the next 2 v-sts


when you make a v-st that isn't in a v-st it will be between v-sts


the chart will show no ch sp when the v-st is worked between v's


i hope this helps some


other than write it all out

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The v stitches are dc ch 1 dc in the space's from the rnd before.  In some of the rnds they are in the sps and in between different sps too.

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We love to help people having trouble with patterns, but we have to do so while following copyright law. It's copyright infringement to post a pattern here without the copyright owner's permission, and also a violation of our site rules. So I've had to remove the pattern chart.


Eden, don't worry about having made a mistake. Most people don't have to think about copyright issues in their daily lives, so this happens with new members from time to time.


If you have information about where the pattern was originally published, like the name and issue number of a magazine, you're welcome to post that. In most cases, it's okay to post a link to where you found the pattern. However, with Russian patterns, oftentimes people find them on sites based in foreign countries that allow and encourage their members to upload patterns without permission. We can't allow links to any of those sites.


If you have a link to the pattern and you're not sure if the link should be posted here, please send me a private message with the link. I'll be happy to check it out and see if it can be posted here.

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