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Super Bulky/ Size Q Hook?

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Hello there, I am beginning a project for a birthday present and I was hoping to get a little help with yarn selection. The pattern is an Augurumi Octopus and calls for a size Q hook with super bulky yarn. Most of the yarn i am finding is rated for a size N hook. I really like this http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/newchenille.html
Do you think it would be bulky enough for the Q hook? should I double up ? Do you have any yarn suggestions? The bigger I can make this guy the better! 
Here is the Ravelery link http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octavius-the-giant-octopus-treasures-from-the-living-reef-in-crochet
Here is the pic in the pattern:

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that yarn says 8 sc x 8 rows = 4 inches on N-13 (9mm) hook 

so i think it will be a little small for 11.5 mm hook.  but it seems like doubling it would require bigger than 11.5 mm.


i haven't used that yarn and have never used that big a hook so take my comments with a grain of salt  :P 

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