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I have been a member here and I never introduced myself to you all.....


I am a wife, mother of 3, grandma of 3. I have been crocheting forever ...well since about 8 years old. Not continuously, since my friends in my teenage years thought it to be" not cool and old farty"...they were certainly wrong but you know what it is like as a teenager...well I picked up again when I got married in dribs and drabs but more so the past 10 years. I have taught my 3 children to crochet, one is a son and he has made 1 afghan when he was about 18 or so and that was it...my oldest a girl and now married with 3 small children, never caught on. But my youngest who is a college student (theater major/dance minor) loves crochet! She crochets to make extra cash...now that is the spirit! All college students are always looking for more cash LOL


I teach dance....mostly classical ballet and tap...I also teach gymnastics. lyrical dance, jazz and musical theater. I am now employed at a local dance school but have owned my own studios (2) in NJ....


I love where I live now very rural Central NY...moved here is 2006...very different from where I am from ...the Jersey Shore..


I am hoping to make new friends here with like crocheting interests....I like to make amigurumi, hats, scarves, and now I am into making American Dolls clothes for my granddaughter....I also just began a Double Wedding Ring afghan for my daughter's friend who is getting married this spring...never made something like that before but it is a WIP....

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