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Afghan on Cristela

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I saw an afghan on the show Cristela that is draped over the living room chair..I think its a ripple - chevron type afghan..

Any ideas as to where to find this pattern?


Thank you

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I may be wrong, but I thought I'd noticed 2 blankets, I can't remember which was over the chair but the ripple (I thought was) knit (either Old Shale or Feather and Fan pattern, they are similar, one is ripplier than the other)


...however, there are a crochet versions of the knit feather and fan pattern.  I made this one one a couple of years ago, it's easy but you just have to make sure you keep count!




Here's a search on other crochet feather and fan (free patterns, not all blankets but you could borrow the stitch pattern); a search for a crochet Old Shale only gave a for purchase one.



These are what the knit version looks like for comparison

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&craft=knitting&query=old shale


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Thank you for your quick response. Yes in the living room, to the right of the couch, there is a chair with the afghan I'm writing about. It's quite lovely...


Thank you again

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