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2015 Stashbusting CAL

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Here's a picture of it.

https://thegreendragonfly.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/nibble-nibble-hop-hop/   He's cute and was easy to make. I did it one afternoon, but I really, really hate putting parts together and doing faces

The "never ending" blanket is finished, so I'm off to other projects and hopefully will make some progress on my numbers. Although I've got 2 cones of cotton ordered, so that's headed in the wrong dir

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Scores for week ending 7/4/15:

gold medal winner: tie at +13: Shannart & owlvamp

silver medal winner: yarn_monkey +11

bronze medal winner: HollyzHobbyz +4


Bailey4 +3

Ellie 13 +3


yarnscrapper +2

katyallen8090 +1

BigPinkPolkadot +1

greyhoundgrandma +1


holding steady:

crabby rat





This week's "oops"

Shoot the Moon winner: Braxxi -38

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Great job, everyone!


I made a dishcloth today, but I was working from a cone, so no yarn progress. I think I'll work on the little ones' sweaters next, so maybe I can make some progress.

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Well I had good intentions to not buy more yarn. But you know what they say about good intentions! Lol! I ran out of yarn today for the scoodie and had to go buy more from Joann's while it was on sale and I had a coupon, so -6, but then I finished a skein on the scoodie and another skein on my scrap c2c, so that at least brings me back up to -2. Hopefully I'll be back in the positives by the weekend! 

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Added a skein of orange to the scrap c2c so I'm back to 0 for the week!  :yay  I have several skeins of that LB Fun yarn that I bought for super cheap one day, so I'm trying to dig those out and use them up since they're too small to do much of anything else, especially since some has been used. 

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After giving myself a headache trying to figure out what I was doing wrong on a pattern (my chubby owl's pointed nose was round, not pointed) including looking on line to see if anyone else had the same problem (no one did), I finally went back to the pattern and looked all the way through it. Realized the pattern started at the bottom, not the top, like I had assumed, so now it makes sense. I guess the designer figured everyone would be able to figure that out without saying it in the pattern. Some of us need a little more help that others....LOL!


Note to self: look through the whole pattern before you start!

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hi all, +10 so far for the week, yay, finished up a few things, check them out in wearables, accessories, ha ha. Used up a lot of the colors jiffy yarn, so I can clear a bin, and working on a baby ghan for the pastels, jiffy goes quick, but is tire some on the hands, and shoulders, so I found out, lol...scarves

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I was into my 10th bath scrubbie when my pounder had a  :yarn barf. It took 20 mins. to untangle it so I could finish the scubbie. I decided to roll the skein down into 2 large balls, even though it didn't look 1/2 gone. I made 5 more scrubbies (15 total), then weighed the rest. I have 3.5 oz. left so get 1 point this week :cheer . I think I can get 2 or 3 more scrubbies out of it. If I finish by Sat. I'll add another point.

WTD: + 1  YTD: + 78

Ellie 13

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I made some progress this week.  I used up one skein on my sister's sweater and one on the stadium blanket I'm crocheting, so:


Stashbuster Total: WTD +4 YTD -42



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Mobile again this week so I can't update my signature or post in big colorful numbers but I used a skein on the c2c so I'm up another skein and made it back to ...




Better than negative! Lol

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I am using a lot of yarn this week....but I was also given a box of yarn.  Two double-strand projects: double-strand afghan and floor cushion.


Used: 3 Skeins, 9 Balls, 2 Skeins-to-balls :+17


Received in box: 3 Skeins and 22 balls of yarn: -28



WTD: -11 YTD: -8

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GOLD MEDAL! ~~ katyallen8090  +10


BRONZE MEDAL! ~~ Bailey4  +3

Ellie 13  +1


BigPinkPolkaDot  +0

yarn_monkey  +0


greyhoundgrandma  -2

VikingRunnerGirl  -2

Shannart  -11

Braxxi  -12

Addicted2patterns  -18

HEADING TO THE MOON! ~~ yarnscrapper  -56

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