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I started crocheting around the start of November cause I got sucked into the craft of amigurumi. After 2 months of playing around with different patterns, I've finally started coming up with my own designs! 


So, since my bf completely forgot to tell me that we were exchanging gifts at our Chanukkah party, I decided to make some small amigurumi keychains to send out with the thank you cards.






Might as well say my Thank Yous in style! :P






The pattern for the strawberry can be found here. I came up with the patterns for Pacman and the ghosts on my own. My written instructions for Pacman and the ghosts can be found on my art/crafts blog: [studio Difa]









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Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I loved Pacman growing up. This week, I saw the new improved version my nephews were playing and was just like wow! Long way from the original. lol   I'll have to find some time to make a keychain now. ;) 

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