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Epcot Adventure: dolls are 15"

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I got these dolls as rescue sweeties in a thrift store and I understand that there are lots of them out there.  I've been promising to dress them for ages and I finally got around to it.


This pattern has a lot of images - more than 30 - so I am posting pics of the finished clothes here that do not appear in the PDF.








The name is a nod to their origins; I'm hoping it is not a copyright issue. :think


the PDF is here:EpcotAdventure.pdf

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Those are just too cute!! Thank you so much for always sharing your wonderful patterns.


You are one talented lady!!!!




PS Now I have to check my local thrift store for the 15 inch dolls. Haven't seen them in Goodwill (only the porcelain collectibles).

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I just wanted to post a follow up on this.


I donated the dolls and the clothes to our local Women's Shelter and they weere just thrilled to get these toys for the kids to enjoy while sting in 'the house'.


I do think God helps us to find ways to help others with the skills and talents He gives us.

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