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CLOSED: Basset Hound (Amigurumi) TESTERS FOUND

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Thanks for the replies!  I have enough testers now :-)



Pattern Description: This is a carefully designed basset hound (amigurumi dog), intended to be a kid's toy or just a fun thing to have at home.  The finished size is about 15" long and 9" tall.  It's meant to look more realistic than typical amigurumi....with fat folds on the legs and jowls on the face to show off some basset hound features :-)

Pattern Style: Detailed written instructions for all parts and how to assemble (sew and stuff).

Skill Level: intermediate to advanced.  some of the more unusual stitches include chainless foundation sc, and linked dtr and linked tr.  Everything else is done in sc.  I can help you with learning any stitches that are unfamiliar.  The hardest part is probably assembling it at the end.

Yarn/Material/Tools Required: I'm not providing any materials.  All you need is acrylic 4-ply yarn such as red heart super saver, in 3 colors (white, brown, black) and a size F crochet hook.  I used safety eyes on mine but you can just embroider them on, use buttons, etc...that's up to you.

Tester Information

Number of Testers Needed: 2 or 3

Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: less than a week

Deadline: Dec 31, 2014

Tester Experience: oh I don't care...you don't need previous experience with pattern testing.

Tester Responsibilities: Please complete the pattern in a timely manner, and give me any feedback you have.  I'm looking for typos and written errors, suggestions for improving the pattern (e.g. actual changes in how the final product looks), review of the ease of following the instructions as written, etc.  I do plan to add more step-by-step photos, which are NOT currently in the pattern that you will be sent (but you can ask me for any help as needed)....so keep in mind those are coming, and if you have suggestions on which parts you feel definitely need photos for clarification, that would help me, too.

Any Special Software Requirements: PDF reader


There is no monetary compensation, but here's what I can do: you will receive a free copy of the final pattern (the version that will be posted to Etsy for sale), and of course you get to keep the cute dog you make :-).  I will also send you a promo code for half off another pattern in my Etsy store.


You CAN sell the finished product, and make as many as you like to sell!  That's fine with me, and I always include that disclaimer in my copyright info on the pattern.  So that's your chance to make some profit from this.  I do ask however that you give credit to me as the designer by mentioning my name or Etsy store when describing the item for sale.


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i would love to test for you. sent you a pm

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Aww. As much as I'd love to, I don't think I would have time! My 8 year old son LOVES bassets & my Grandmother has only ever had them!

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