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TAKEN.........Craft Room Cleanout - Crochet Magazines Available

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Continuing the clean out of the craft room.  


I have the following crochet magazines available for anyone that wants them.   

I am giving them away and will send them all to you for the asking.  


Crochet Today:

  • Jan 2014
  • feb/mar 2014
  • arp/may 2014
  • jan/feb 2013
  • mar/apr 2013
  • may/jun 2013
  • jul/aug 2013
  • sep/oct 2013
  • nov/dec 2013


Crochet World:

  • April 2013
  • Aug 2013
  • Oct 2013
  • Dec 2013
  • Feb 2014
  • Apr 2014




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