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Yarn ball Christmas Wreath


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[ Hi all,

Just today took a pic of a Yarn ball wreath I finished up today!! I think it turned out sooo cute, can't wait to hang it up for the season, lol....Hope you like it, I had plans on making a couple more, but we'll see!! Its not as easy as it may at first look to be, lol...enjoy!!






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Katy that wreath is very nice:)

I just came a cross that, didn't seen that before. I do have a question: are those balls full of yarn or did you wrap that yarn over styrofoam balls?.


I started making a Christmas ball wreath last year, but did not got around to finish that LOL. My will be made out of crochet balls stuffed inside like amigurumi. I think I made already about 20 of them in 3 or 4 different sizes. I hope I will get around to finish that this year LOL. Making all those balls got very boring:(. I do not like to make same things over & over again.. I like to move on to differant things, new chalenges & solving new problems.. :(.



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