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I've been sew busy

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I've been sew busy working on some outfits for my grandchildren and a couple of little friends. The matching dresses are for the little friends, they spent this week in Disney World and their parents said they received lots of comments about the dresses. The white gown is for the littlest sister's dedication at church next month. The other outfits are for my grandson and granddaughter just because they like Disney soooo much. I don't think I posted the dinosaur/dragon costumes before but I'll apologize now just in case I did, these are what my grandkids wanted for Halloween, and I think they look pretty cute.


Dedication gown



Sister sets





Dusty Crop Hopper



Jake and the Neverland Pirates



Minnie Mouse 



Elsa inspired front & back



Dinosaur/dragon front views of both and the side view of one but they're the same just different colors. Sorry these are side ways but I don't know how to turn them. (they're the right way on my computer just not here)



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Oh, aren't they precious! Wonderful work!


C'ville is just evil when it comes to vertical photos, I've decided. They always appear sideways. Yet I still can't remember not to take them that way when they're for here!

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Wow you have been busy.  I love the matching princess dresses.  The white gown is just beautiful and I am speechless with the Frozen outfit.  The dragon/Dinosaur outfits are so cute.


You have been busy and I envy your talent.  I sweat when I have to sew crochet stuff together.  :rofl

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You have been busy!  All the outfits are super.   The dedication gown and Elsa inspired gown are absolutely beautiful.  Your dragons are very cute as well as their costumes.  

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