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2014 Holiday Gift Exchange

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NOVEMBER 1st - DECEMBER 20th 2014


General Swap Requirements: Each swapper will send at least one package containing items that reflect your partners special holiday or any fun items that they ask for. Minimum value $25, not including the price of postage. 

This is an exchange where getting to know your partner is very important!! The biggest part of having a fun exchange for both people involved is good communication. Email your partner at least once a week. Read their survey and ask questions. 

This swap is NOT about receiving a package yourself --- it's about sending a personalized thoughtful present to your partner, with the side-added benefit of receiving a package put together just with you in mind in return.



Swap Dates: This swap starts  November 1, 2014 and ends December 20, 2014. All packages must be received by the ending date, so the mailing deadline for this exchange is December 13, 2014. All packages MUST be in the mail by December 13, 2013 (mailing deadline).

Remember: Crochetville admin limits Villagers to two swaps at one time. If you are already signed up for two swaps, one must be completed before the Holiday Gift Exchange starts for you to be eligible to swap. See the Swap Guidelines. A swap will count as completed if you have mailed your final package and delivery confirmation information shows your package has been received OR your swap partner has posted a thank-you in the swap thread.


Here are the rules. Please read them thoroughly before signing up. 

1. Please submit a survey if you want to participate in this exchange. (See second post for Survey information.) Surveys should be emailed to the swap coordinator, tiffer93 AT gmail DOT com. You will receive a confirmation email when your survey is received, and your username will be added to the list of swappers posted below. Surveys can be submitted until 5 p.m. EST (New York City) on October 31, 2014.

2. It is not required that you answer all the questions on the survey (except for name, address, and Crochetville nickname), but it is a good way for your partner to know your other preferences: favorite color, allergies, etc. If you have been in a recent swap, you may want to let the hostess know who your swap partner was, so you are not accidentally teamed again (this has happened).

3. By submitting a swap survey, you agree to follow all Swap Guidelines and general forum guidelines. Please note—there is now a new requirement re: digital patterns.

4. Partner assignments will be e-mailed to you by November 1, 2014. Packages must be POSTMARKED BY  December 13, 2014. **Proof of shipping is required whenever it is available (see Swap Guidelines for details), and the delivery confirmation number must be emailed or PM'd to the swap hostess.** All packages should be received by the end of the swap on December 20, 2014.

5. E-mail or PM the coordinator, tiffer93 AT gmail DOT com, when you receive your partner information at the start of the swap, and when you send and receive your exchange item(s) so that she can keep record of who sent and received. This is in addition to posting to the swap thread that you mailed or received your assigned partner and your packages. Lots of messages are posted to the swap thread daily. Please don’t make the swap coordinator go through all those messages to see if you sent/received your package!!! Remember, these emails or PM's are now required of all Crochetville swappers. Failure to do so will result in the accumulation of reputation points.

6. Please thank your partner for their thoughtfulness when you receive your package. It will make his or her day. **Thank-you’s MUST be posted on the swap thread, but you can post links to your blog for photos, etc., if you choose. Thank-you’s are REQUIRED!!**Please also thank your partner personally with a private email, as well as a post to the swap thread. The private thank-you lets your partner know that their package has been received, and the public thank-you lets the other swappers know what you received and adds to everyone’s enjoyment of the exchange. Both public and private thank-you’s are required. 

7. Make sure your postage and receiver's address are correct before mailing. Mark your package with Holiday Gift Exchange.  Do not forget that delivery confirmation (or other proof of shipping) is required whenever it is available, and the delivery confirmation must be emailed to the swap coordinator. This provides proof of mailing in case your package is lost during transit. 

8. If you have a problem with your partner or an item you receive, please DO NOT post complaints to the swap board. Please PM or email the swap coordinator privately. 

9. If your package is not postmarked by the Mailing Deadline of December 13, 2014, you will be subject to the consequences listed in the Swap Guidelines. Please contact the swap coordinator BEFORE the mailing deadline passes if there is a problem.

10. Since we are an international group, everyone is more than welcome to participate. That means that your exchange partner may live across the world and packages may take longer to arrive and cost more to ship. Keep this in mind when mailing items. 

11. Most importantly, have fun! Happy Swapping!! 


The information you provide on your survey is provided to assigned swap partners. Information may also be provided to the Swap Coordinator Leader (DesertCrocheter) and Crochetville administration (AmyS and Donna) for the purposes of swap coordination only. With prior permission, survey information may also be shared with members sending “Angel” replacement packages, if necessary.

October 31, 2014: survey deadline

December 13, 2014: mailing deadline
December 20, 2014: end of swap






Karen C

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Please email your surveys to tiffer93 AT gmail DOT com. You will receive a confirmation email that your survey has been received. All swappers will be listed on the first post.  

Include your C'ville name in the subject along with Holiday Gift Exchange

* What is your full name (for mailing purposes only)

* What is your C'ville nickname?

* What is your Email address for swap information?

* What is your mailing address?

* Do you have any allergies? (Smoke, certain scents, food items, cats/dogs, etc)? 

* Do you, or anyone in your household, smoke? 

* Do you have cats/dogs, other pets?

* Do you mind swapping with a smoker?

* What are your favorite colors? Are there any colors you don't like?

* What holiday do you celebrate?

* Would you like gifts specific to this holiday?

* Do you have any fiber allergies (wool, mohair, etc)?

* What crafts do you enjoy?

* What extra goodies do you enjoy? (tea, coffee, cocoa, etc -- these aren't required items for this swap, but this info is useful if your partner wishes to send some extras). 

* Anything else you want your partner to know?

* Can you send to a foreign partner?

* Have you read all of the swap rules, both for this specific swap and the general swap guidelines? And do you agree to follow these rules?

* Have you read the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps and RAOKs? And do you agree to follow these rules?

* Are you currently participating in 2 swaps at this time?


*  Anything you want the swap hostess to know? (This information is removed before survey information is sent to your partner. It's kept private and confidential). E.g., a recent swap partner so you’re not partnered again, if someone is your relative, etc.

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I just sent out your email. I know, hard to believe that no one else participated! Normally I would be joining but I can't commit to any other activities at this time. I hope you ladies have fun and I will be anxious to see what goodies are exchanged! 

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Not sure why I didn't see this before the deadline!


I hope to get more involved with swaps next year....


Have fun!

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I was very surprised that only two people signed up for this swap.  In years past, this was very popular!  I guess social media can be blamed for this, everyone's attention span can only go so far :)

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I chose the ornamanet swap because it is all I have time for this year.  I liked this swap, but if you are going to commit to it you owe it to your partner to be available and I can't do that at this point.  The KISS swap is something I can do and enjoy and not worry about not being fair to my partner.

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sorry I miss this one.  Many family issues.  My Mom passed away in Oct.  Husband is going through a lot.  Maybe next year will be a better one for me.  Have fun

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I am over the moon with what I received from Janagain!  Tis the season and it's true!  I really enjoyed getting to know Jan and to find out that we live, as we say in Texas,a stone's throw  from each other was a plus. She really went over and beyond the swap expectations and sent me some lovely stuff:
A lovely coffee cup filled with assorted k-cup goodies for my keurig
A jar of harvest spiced potpurri
A crocheted hen potholder
A Christmas wreath potholder, where did you get the pattern for this one, it's lovely
A pineapple laced doily
A pair of Christmas socks
A jar of bath salts
a bar of Ellen Tracy bar soap and bubble bath
A kitchen towel set complete with oven mitt, whisk,spatula,and pastry brush
A crocheted hath and body set
5 skeins of cotton yarn
A crocheted floral drawstring basket
A beautifully crocheted, cherry blossom tree, did you make that?
An Annie's Attic handy dandy dishcloth pattern book
A double ended crochet hook
A beautiful Christmas card.
Thank you so much,I love everything I received and it was great learning more about you.


I can't figure out how to upload the pictures, I will keep trying :(

Edited by Karen C.

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