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The 3.5 is an E--yarn weight 1 or 2, super fine or fine.

The 5.5 is an I--yarn weight 4, worsted weight or maybe light worsted or dk.


The label on a lot of yarn will give a suggested hook size.



Would this wool be ideal for the 5.50mm hook then? http://marrineryarns.com/Marriner-Double-Knit-100g.asp

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It depends on what you want to make. If you want very open lacy stitches the 5.5 might be ok. If you want a mostly solid fabric, it will be too big. But also it depends on your gauge, if you crochet very tightly you may want a relatively large hook.


I have some Stylecraft DK right now and have used 3.25 to make a doll vest and hat, and 5 mm to make a granny square blanket.


Dk like all the weight categories, is a range, not one specific size.

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