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Veronika Rohrhofer

Six new doilies in ecru

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I have been on holiday for the last two weeks and again I was crocheting.

Back in Vienna I starched and pinned my doilies which I made at my brothers place in Carinthia, Austria.

Since I still have nice new patterns for doilies I can show you my new ones here the biggest first and then the smaller ones.

I used crochet cotton number twenty and a hook size 0,75.












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How in the world do you have time to do all the beautiful creations you make.  I am in awe.


I like to sit in the garden at my brothers in Carinthia (or on my balkony in Vienna) listening to my favorite musik and chrochet. Or sometimes I start a doily in the evening while watching TV and crochet as long as I like. When I am on holiday snorkeling in Egypt I crochet on my sunbed or in the evenings while watching TV. In Australia I also crochet during the day (in the garden or on the balcony). Since I retired in April 2012 I am travelling a lot and I always have patterns, crochet cotton and a hook on me.

The starching and the pinning I do at my appartement in Vienna. Greetings from Vienna, Veronika

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