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LI Roe

Tried to call and email Crochet 1-2-3, not responding

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I have tried again to reach Crochet 1-2-3, no matter what you press on their main number, you get transferred to a voice mail and I also emailed them to ask if they were discontinuing the magazine and that their subscription page was still unavailable at that time. Now if you click on Subscribe, you get nothing at all.


I hope those who were charged incorrectly did receive their money back.


That is not good customer service at all. 




As of 9/4, still no email back from my question. Maybe they have discontinued it.

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I have emailed the publishers several times, no answer.

I have tried the phone number(s) several times.  Once I got a voicemail from someone who sounded frightened saying that if you were calling about a subscrition to leave your name, etc.  Then she says she doesn't work full time and please be patient.  Then finally, her mailbox is full and won't accept your message.

The 800-877-5527 that the automated message gives you is always busy.  What a joke.  Why don't they just say they are out of business.  I paid $30 for one magazine.

I sure hope someone starts a class-action lawsuit.

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I tried again today and again reached the same recording, no matter what you press, you end up with Loretta (or so it seems) and she is only there part time right now. If you call after hours, you reach a recording that says what their normal business hours are but when you call during normal business hours, you reach that voice mail also. I was not a subscriber, just bought it in the stores (when I saw it) or ordered it online per issue.


They also have not responded to my email and honestly, I don't think they ever will. It is sad, especially when they answer "Thank you for calling All-American Crafts", yada, yada, yada.


According to their website, they seem to be located in NJ. Maybe those who lost money on their subscription should file a complaint with that state attorney general. Perhaps that would get some reaction.



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