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More Bee Hives

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I can't seem to stop making these things.  They are so easy and take no time at all.  They really dress up the bathroom or kitchen.


So here is my latest set of Bee Hives.  I even put Milk and Honey liquid soap in the one.  The other is citrus hand sanitizer.  Now I need to find someone who likes beehives to take these and give them a good home. :heehee :heehee :heehee


post-105-0-83484500-1408449821_thumb.jpg More pictures

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They are great, that kind I like alot. LOL Well my husband loves the real bee hives though but me not so much. I got stung too many times helping him with his hives in N.J, and I don't help here as it's too hot.

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Ohmygosh, is that knit? That is the cutest ever! I need to learn I guess as those would be perfect for my aunt/uncle for Christmas. They raise bees. Awesome job!

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They are beautiful! I think I remember that some time ago you swapped a storage beehive with someone. Am I right? I really loved it, and these are great to accompany it.

I did make a storage beehive for someone here, but it was not for a swap.  I knew she loved bees.  I have one myself.


Thank you all for the compliments.  Yes they are knitted, but great for a beginner.

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