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Hello everyone! 

Before I start, I know absolutely nothing about crocheting. I am an artist, I've used yarn before on many pieces of art before, but never have I even come close to crocheting.

The reason for the sudden interest is because recently I have been wanting a granny square afghan blanket, similar to the one seen on the sitcom Roseanne. I looked into just buying one, but they can get pretty expensive after shipping and whatnot. So I figured making one would save me some money.

I guess my question is, would it be easy for me, a complete novice, to make a decent one, and if so, where could I learn?
Thanks so much!

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Hello! You definitely could make a nice blanket. Years ago when my mom tried to teach me to crochet, she started with granny squares. I just wasn't really interested at that point. There are all sorts of tutorials out there, both on Youtube and as written blogs with pictures. As far as a good one to start with, I'm sure some of the other ladies will have some thoughts. Have fun, but be careful! Crocheting can become addictive! :)

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welcome to the ville :hook


i think the Crafty Minx site has a good tutorial that will teach you to make granny squares and one way of joining them together.  http://www.craftyminx.com/crochet-school/  

other joining methods http://www.knotyournanascrochet.com/2013/04/10-different-ways-to-join-granny-squares.html

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The above site has some good tutorials to get you started.  


Granny squares use 3 stitches, plus a slip knot (typically - the classic Roseanne one does)

double crochet stitch (US terms)

chain stitch

slip stitch


Make a test swatch and master these first before moving on to trying a Granny Square.  


Welcome to the 'ville and to crochet!

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Granny squares are the first thing a lot of us learn to make. You do need patience, because it seems like the first few go really fast and then...zzzzzzzzzzzz....but if you keep up a certain number every evening or weekend, it'll get done.

When you start by buying "fresh" yarn, rather than working from a scrap basket, it's a little easier to do your final layout. You can make all the squares alike, use three or four colors in varying order, or whatever makes you happy. I happen to like the randomness of scrap-bag afghans, but that's not everybody's style :)

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