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Crochetville Booth at Stitches South 2015 in Nashville, TN

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Crochetville may be able to have a totally independent booth at Stitches South in Nashville, TN next April. (Red Heart may not be able to partner with us there, for various reasons internal to their company.)


If we had our very own awesome crochet booth, what might you be interested in purchasing?


Feel free to suggest certain general types of products, certain brands of products, yarns, hooks, accessories.


Obviously, we'd have book and pattern signings in the booth with as many crochet designers as we could possibly get.


Are there any other crochet-related activities you'd like us to sponsor, either within the booth or separate from the booth?

Give me your ideas, so I can start making plans with the Stitches folks ASAP!

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Crochetville will have our first-ever totally independent booth at Stitches South next April. Don't worry, you'll still see us partnering with Red Heart at the Knit and Crochet Show/Crochet Guild of America conference in San Diego next July!


At Stitches South, we hope to bring you a variety of crochet and fiber-related products, sourced locally (Huntsville/north Alabama area) and regionally (the South!) as much as we possibly can.


We're actively looking for products to have available for you. If there are specific brands you'd like us to investigate, please let us know.


We're also looking for designers to come in our booth for trunk shows, book/pattern signings, makes and takes, technique demos, and all sorts of other meet and greet opportunities.

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