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Crochet Conference Class Ideas: Your Suggestions Needed

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If you were going to attend a fairly large national or regional crochet conference, what types of classes would you be interested in taking? I'm thinking of events like the Knit & Crochet Show/CGOA conference, STITCHES events, Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, Dallas/Ft Worth Fiber Festival, etc.

Project-based or technique-based?


Beginning, intermediate, or advanced level?


Please make a list of any classes you'd like to take. Provide as much detailed information as you can. If possible, let us know why you think a particular class would be of interest to a large number of crocheters. (Some ideas may have too narrow of a focus to attract enough students, so please keep that in mind.)


I'll be happy to pass ideas along to the organizers of some of the major conferences.

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I actually thought the Knit and Crochet conference had a great selection of classes this year.  While I had conflicts this year and couldn't attend, when I looked at the schedule I would have had no problem filling the number of classes I wanted to take.   Not being involved I have no idea how well the crochet classes were attended. 


In looking at that schedule I was interested in many of the technique classes.  They had a couple of Tunisian classes, a Double Ended Hook Class, Knook, and a couple of others that seemed like more than I'd be able to squeeze in and process in a weekend.  I'd also be interested in other techniques like Bavarian, Drop Stitch, and other styles as they are developed. 



I suspect I'm not as likely to come up with project classes that would be money making classes as I tend not to go with the more trendy projects.  That being said learning new techniques would draw me to a regional conference even if I only took one or two new technique classes and the project classes weren't of interest.

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