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I'm just starting one of my first ever crochet patterns - some Alice in Wonderland inspired fingerless gloves from Tiny Owl Knits, and am confused on the first step!


The pattern says "ch 20, turn; Sc in each chain (20 sc)"


Shouldn't you chain 21 if you want to make 20 sc on your first row? If not, how do you sc in the first ch from the hook? When I try, it doesn't work properly, and I get a really weird stitch. 


Any guidance would be much appreciated. 





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Sorry Nancy - I'm afraid not.  


For SC, you have a turning chain of 1, so you chain 1 more than the number of stitches you need, then make your first SC into the second chain from the hook.


For DC, you need to chain 2 more than the number of DCs you want in the row - it sounds counter intuitive, but it works:  make the first DC into the 4th chain from the hook.  The other 3 chains become the turning chain.  So, within the last 4 chains, you've made 2 (effective) DCs, so 2 chains more than the number of DCs.

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You are right both of you, and apologies.  I misread.  I'll blame it on the heat, we've had several days over 100, today is only a chilly 88F lol. Sorry if I confused the OP, too.

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